Volt Athleisure Brand and Cycle Studio

Project Summary:

Volt is an athleisure wear brand and a cycle studio located in Dallas. The "clubby" environment of the studio and the edgy aesthetic of the retail portion is meant to attract a young demographic and motivate them into creating healthy habits. The linear lighting throughout the space is inspired by the 'energy' and 'light' connotation of the brand's name. Volt's athleisure wear is meant to be worn everywhere. Is not only a store and a fitness studio; it is a lifestyle. 

Programs Used:

AutoCAD, SketchUp, Enscape, Adobe Photoshop

Collaboration Project: 

Ruth Panayotti & Morgan Fleming (Interior Designers), Trevor Scott (Graphic Designer)

IG Moment.png
Custom Display.png
Retail Space.png
Hallway Red Lights.png
Street View.png