Panagrotto Winery

Project Overview:

The purpose of this project was to develop a schematic lighting design for an existing small winery. The deliverables included documenting IES targets for illumination in a graphic color coded hierarchy map, creating lighting elevations, selecting luminaires and labeling cutsheets, creating a Lighting Plan in AutoCAD, and finally meeting the IES recommended illumination targets by building an AGi32 Model and inputting the IES files into it.

Concept Development - Grotto:

Panagrotto is a small, intimate, and luxurious winery. As soon as the clients walk in, they will feel as if they are going through a body of water. Cool toned lights, pendants that mimic the effect of water, and reflective materials will predominate in the entry, wine cellar, and tasting room spaces. As the clients walk further into the winery into the barrel room, they will feel as if they jut walked into a grotto cave. The lighting in this area is warm, dimmed, and will accent the
stone details that cover the walls and ceiling.

Programs Used:

AutoCAD, AGi32, Adobe Photoshop