Hotel Mercato

Project Summary:

The Fort Worth Public Market is a historic building Fort Worth, Texas designed by B. Gaylord Noftsger. The building was made to provide market space for local farmers, vendors, and retail businesses. It opened to the public on June 20, 1930. The shell of the building is known for its terracotta tile and multi-colored tile roof. Its architecture features influences of the Spanish Colonial Revival and Art Deco styles. The farmer's market remained in operations until 1914 and has served various other purposes since. The task was to develop an adaptive reuse project utilizing the antique Fort Worth Public Market building. 

Concept Development - Revival:

This design will reintroduce the original purpose of the Fort Worth Public Market, while also featuring a hotel, restaurant, and lounge. The public market will be revived as a 'racetrack' surrounding the hotel lobby and restaurant. The 'revival' will not only be of the Public Market, but also of the building's original Spanish Colonial and Art Deco influences. These will be featured throughout the interior design of the hotel. The lobby and bedrooms will predominantly have an Art Deco Style, while the DiaBari Restaurant will demonstrate more of the Spanish Colonial Revival Style.

Programs Used:

AutoCAD, SketchUp, Enscape, Adobe Photoshop

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